Terms and Conditions

By using the WorshipSongRecording.com (hereafter "WSR") online recording service, you ("Customer") agree to the following terms of service:

1. WSR agrees that all work performed for the Customer shall be considered as "works made for hire". As such WSR grants to the Customer all rights of every kind to the results of WSR's services and performances. The Customer shall have the sole and exclusive right to copyright any recordings embodying WSR's performances under the Customer's name as the sole owner and author thereof.

2. Where possible, songs recorded using WSR's services should be credited appropriately:

[Song] produced, engineered and mixed by www.worshipsongrecording.com.

All instruments [and vocals if applicable]: www.worshipsongrecording.com.

3. The WSR "Song Critiquing" service may include suggestions for alternative melodies and lyrics to the Customer's original composition. The final decision over the content of the song remains with the Customer, and any alternative suggestions made by WSR do not constitute a co-write.

4. The Customer agrees that all songs and works submitted to the WSR service are the original work of the Customer, or if not, that the Customer has full permission from the appropriate copyright holder for the songs to be reproduced by the WSR service.

5. WSR will endeavour to follow the Customer's instructions as closely as possible to achieve the sound and style that the Customer desires. If, after hearing a preview mix, the Customer requires any instrument(s) to be re-recorded, this will be charged at £20 per instrument, or by negotiation if several instruments need replacing.

6. The Customer grants to WSR the right to use any finished mixes and any rough demo recordings for publicity purposes on the WSR site and social media, unless specifically requested otherwise. The Customer will be credited and copyright noted accordingly.

7. Preview mixes of songs will be provided to the Customer with audible watermarks (brief spoken interjections). These will be removed when full payment for the agreed services is received. If, after any requested mix revisions and/or re-recordings have taken place, the Customer is still unhappy with the final mix, then no payment will be required. Under no circumstances will any non-watermarked full or partial elements of the recording be released to the Customer without full payment.

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